The Turkish-American Association (TAA) is a rooted and prestigious non-governmental organization established in 1951 upon bilateral agreements between Turkey and USA. The founding members of the association include many well-known names such as Tevfik İleri who was the Minister of National Education of the time, Congressman Cemal Köprülü, Congressman Prof. Dr. Halide Edip Adıvar, Istanbul University Rector Ömer Saraç, USA Ambassador George Wadsworth, and Principle of the Robert College Floyd Black. The Turkish American Association continues its activities in its building located at Cinnah Caddesi No: 20 Kavaklıdere-Ankara.

TAD Preschool is the first pre-school educational institution of TAA and also acts as the Master Franchisee of TAA preschools authorized to deal franchisees throughout Turkey. The educational curriculum of TAA Preschool was developed by Counselors and Academics in 2 years. Within this period, the reasons behind children not being able to learn English in Turkey was researched, international standards were evaluated and both national and international research studies have been analyzed before the development of the TAD Preschool Curriculum.

All TAD Preschool teachers attend regular in-service teacher training programs conducted by expert teacher trainers in order to keep all teachers up to date with modern improvements and technologies as well as equipping them with the teaching methodologies that will serve the interests of our learners and to ensure that all teaching and instruction is conducted within the TAD Preschool standards.

Within the continuously increasing competitive environment, new English Teaching Methods used for advertisement purposes are introduced. Following this advertisement-based trend, many preschools have implemented these two-teacher teaching systems where one teacher uses English and the other teacher uses the native language of the learners. Following international standards, TAD Preschool believes that a foreign language cannot be learned at a spoken or communicative level in an environment where the native language is used for communicational purposes instead of the target or foreign language and thus is against the usage of the native language in teaching a foreign language. In educational settings where one teacher provides the English instruction and the

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TAA Franchising System