Mathematics consists of all the mental processes of perceiving, understanding and learning the world around us. The Mathematics Workshop aims to support the child’s scientific thinking, observation, establishing cause-effect relations and problem solving skills. This workshop also assists children in preparing to reading and writing. The sequencing of these activities from the simple to the difficult is of utmost importance. Preparing for reading and writing constitutes an important place in preschoolers.

All activities conducted in the Mathematics Workshop are pre-planned by our expert trainers and are conducted through various techniques. Visual perception, audial perception, attention and memory, holding and handling a pencil and improving hand skills, developing basic concepts, problem solving, matching, differentiating, sequencing, classifying, hand and eye coordination, grouping and comparing are among the skills to be developed in this workshop. Many activities can also be categorized under the titles of colors, numbers, concepts and shapes.

TAD Preschool focuses on activities that enable our children to discover and perfect their intelligences and aptitudes.

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