Aiming an English education where communication and interaction is the main focus, TAD Preschool highly values the English Workshop. In this workshop, our aim is not to teach or have the students memorize grammar - the structural characteristics of English - but to enable them to actively and fluently use English as a means of communication. In order to improve the language skills of students between the ages of 3 and 6 which represents the best age group in language learning, TAD Preschool offers an education based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages where the learners are not expected to learn language but acquire it by experiencing it in an English atmosphere.

Developed by academics and professional teacher trainers, our English program is based on the students’ age, physical, emotional and social skills implemented by teachers using creative, fun hands on methods and materials. In accordance with the 21st century Language Teaching principles, the Teacher Talking Time in TAD Preschool English Workshop is at minimum while the Student Talking Time is at maximum. If the student is not going to use the target language in school, then we are wasting our time trying to teach it.

Within the continuously increasing competitive environment, new English Teaching Methods used for advertisement purposes are introduced. Following this advertisement-based trend, many preschools have implemented these two-teacher teaching systems where one teacher uses English and the other teacher uses the native language of the learners. Following international standards, TAD Preschool believes that a foreign language cannot be learned at a spoken or communicative level in an environment where the native language is used for communicational purposes instead of the target or foreign language and thus is against the usage of the native language in teaching a foreign language. In educational settings where one teacher provides the English instruction and the other provides the same instruction in Turkish, the learners will inevitably wait for the Turkish version since it’s naturally easier for them. A student who is constantly exposed to the native language at home or outside of the home will inevitably ignore the English version and wait for the instruction in Turkish.

Because the two-teacher systems are based on the teachers using both the native language and the target language simultaneously, they are derivatives of the Grammar Translation Method whose roots can be found in the Roman Empire and which was especially implemented into teaching systems in the 19th century. This method is also referred to as the Classical Method because it was initially used to read and understand ancient Greek and Latin literature texts. Aiming to teach the structural elements of a language, the Grammar Translation Method was abandoned because it failed to improve the basic and vital skill of speaking and alternative methods aiming to improve skills including the communicative skills were developed to replace it (Harmer, 2007, 67-68).

In the Grammar Translation Method, the teacher is always in control and thus is a teacher centered approach where the teacher is required to provide information, explain, exemplify, translate and thus constantly talk. Each moment the teacher talks represents a moment where the student is denied the opportunity to talk or use the language.
For all these reasons stated above, TAD Preschool does not advise a foreign language teaching model where the native language is constantly in use and does not use these models in its teaching approach.

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