TAD Preschool, which is the product of a philosophy that began in 1951 and which aims to enable preschool learners to improve the basic motor skills along with social and emotional skills and fluent English spoken skills, aims to train and educate the thinking, questioning, problem solving, critical thinking generations.

We have started our aim of raising generations who benefit from technology, who are productive, creative, adaptable, and who have high communicational skills, who can use both the native and the target language fluently, who is aware of his own culture and respects other cultures. However, our mission is to spread this philosophy throughout Turkey. Within the mission of raising the successful generations of the future, we would like to see you in the TAD Preschool Franchising family.

Entrepreneurs who know the importance of education, who are open to innovation and cooperation and who embrace modern educational methodologies are candidates of becoming a valuable member of the TAD Preschool family.

Each franchisee candidate will be screened in the first interviews to determine suitability.


Royalty Fee
The Royalty Fees for the TAD Preschool Franchising System differs between establishing a new school and transferring to TAD Preschool from another brand. Moreover, fees will also change according to the city and region where the preschool is to be built.

Other Expenses
Apart from the Royalty Fee, there will be expenses on furniture, material and building arrangements in accordance with TAD Preschool standards. These expenses will vary according to the region and the current situation of the building.

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